featured work

This is the work showcase of Renato Forster, a multidisciplinary designer from São Paulo, Brazil.
Here you shall see a fine tune selection of cases, projects and personal doodling stuff. Have fun!



branding, identity & design

It's not a hotel, nor a farm, or even a spa; but it is all of these, yes. They asked me to summon a visual representation of all of the venue can offer so people can experience nature, peace and quiet. But also learn how to cultivate an organic plantation, how to grow wild mushrooms, or the benefits of an agroforest culture to the community well being.



The sea of mountains that embrace the clouds and the sun in every dawn inspired me with the icon. The type needed to support the concept and spread the idea of tranquility and confort the house has to offer. The colors should express the concern with the local flora and fauna to be protected. That's why I used the craft paper and copper with the one addition of the dark-forest green.


Soul Kitchen

branding, identity & design

The high-end quality catering service and excellency gastronomy event producers Soul Kitchen asked me to rethink they brand so their clients could feel and sense the top-of-the-line dishes and drinks served in their events.


branding, identity & design

As an obvious paronomasia with the acronym for an association of five major emerging national economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South-Africa), this BRICS trades goods within the market of these five nations.



concept, design & animation

I alway want to meet my friends and acquaintances in a regular basis, but sometimes I have this feeling of nostalgia about the music in those reunions, and since we had this same passion for old (and sometimes new) psychedelic soundtracks, Tálamo (Thalamus) arrives.


branding, identity & design

The NonConformity group asked me to think and design their new brand for digital research, Bloom. As briefed, I tried to came up with this organic (almost liquid) graphic interpretation for the blossom of the data representation they delivers.